MN Inter-Fashion Ltd. has established 「the code of conduct for officers and employees」
so that all officers and employees have good sense as members of society and make thorough compliance the basis for their actions.

【Compliance with laws and respect for human rights】
As members of the international community, we will act with a high sense of integrity and responsibility.
As members of society, we will respect human rights and never engage in discrimination based on ethnicity, beliefs, gender, religion, nationality, or other attributes. We will never engage in child labor or forced labor that could lead to human rights violations.
【Establishment of a healthy working environment】
We will never disrupt healthy workplace discipline and order and the working environment, such as by engaging in activities that offend against public order and decency.
We will respect the personality and individuality of each other and realize an open working environment without harassment.
【Conflicts of interest and separating the private from the public】
We will never engage in—or create the impression of engaging in—activities that result in conflicts of interest with the company, such as working for a competitor, or negotiating with a company purely for personal gain.
【Handling of information】
We will rigorously manage the company’s confidential information, customer information, and personal information. We will never disclose such information to third parties or use it for purposes other than our duties.
【Compliance with import/export procedures and various industry laws】
We will comply with laws and procedures related to import/export and offshore transactions and follow internal rules on security trade control.
【Company funds and financial reports, and fulfillment of tax obligations】
We will always ensure the accuracy of financial reports and issue reports in a timely and appropriate manner. We will comply with the tax laws of each country and pay taxes fairly.
【Social contribution】
We will strive to develop a sustainable society by actively promoting social contributions with the aim of building communities in which people can enjoy enriched lives at the local and international levels
【Environmental conservation】
We will always remain focused on safety and contribute to the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.
【Measures against antisocial forces】
We will not conduct any transactions with antisocial forces or business partners related to antisocial forces.
【Ensuring the quality and safety of products and services】
Customer safety and trust are our highest priorities. At all stages, from the purchase of raw materials through to product development, manufacturing, distribution, and disposal, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and ensure appropriateness and safety
【Thorough customer protection and provision of information】
We will ensure customer confidence and satisfaction by providing accurate information about our products and services.


Inquiries will be answered by the person in charge of each department.