Functional materials and textiles

Creating a functional and
enriched lifestyle


Every day we work to develop and propose high-added value materials that will help people to build enhanced living environments,
and to provide global distribution services for those materials.
Our keywords in this area are safety, the environment, health, and comfort.

【Textile Materials (Knit Textiles)】


Equipped with extensive domestic and international networks, we handle high-performance materials such as Pertex that are used by leading global brands. We conduct joint development with textile manufacturers and processing contractors under stringent delivery and quality control criteria, and continue to provide the market with materials that meet the needs of today’s increasingly environmentally conscious customers.

【High-performance Synthetic Raw Materials 】


We offer various kinds of high-performance materials, including flame-resistant and heat-resistant fabrics, electroconductive fabrics, and antibacterial fabrics. These materials are used in end products covering a wide variety of applications from flame-resistant protective clothing and uniforms to mattresses, carpets and eco-fur (synthetic fur).

【High-performance Materials 】


Living industrial materials

Long- and short-fiber synthetic textiles, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic (mainly for innerwear), and PLA; yarns, woven and knitted fabrics; non-woven cloth; and related products, conveyor belt cleaners, and related products
Raw materials for high-performance synthetic textiles, such as vinylon, and conductive textiles
[Main areas]
Inner apparel, parts for conveyance systems, hose reinforcement

Industrial equipment

Conveyer belt cleaners, heat recovery devices


【High-performance fibers】

<Raw cotton, threads/yarns, textiles>:
・Flame-resistant acrylic (modacrylic), flame-resistant rayon, flame-resistant vinylon, aramid fibers
・High-strength vinylon, conductive fibers, etc.
・PLA, bio-fibers, recycled polyester, antibacterial fibers, etc.

[Main applications]
① Flame resistance: Flame-resistant protective clothing, industrial uniforms, flame-resistant mattresses, blankets, etc.
②Industrial materials: Brake hose, cement reinforcement, batteries, filters, various non-woven fabrics
③Fashion: Faux fur


【High-performance fibers for fashion】

<Products handled>
① Raw cotton for high pile and boas (modacrylic, acrylic, recycled polyester, etc.)
②High pile, boa cloth, and garments (needlework)

[Main areas]
①Fashion: Coats, fashion accessories
②Home living: Cushion covers, rugs, carpets
③Toys: Stuffed toys


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