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 MN Inter-Fashion Ltd. Social Media Terms of Use


MN Inter-Fashion Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) has formulated the following terms of use (“Terms”) to ensure that operation of the Company’s official social media accounts (“Official Accounts ”) results in valuable communication with all parties who use the Company’s Official Accounts (hereinafter “Users”). Users of Official Account pages, posts, etc. created under Official Accounts (“Official Account Pages”) are requested to agree to and strictly adhere to the Terms and the terms of use stipulated by each platform that hosts corporate accounts.


  1. 1. Information that the Company and its employees communicate via social media is not necessarily an official announcement by or opinion of the Company. In addition, user content posted by Users does not necessarily reflect the opinion and thoughts of the Company, its employees, or related parties.
  2. 2. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information that the Company or its employees communicate via Official Accounts.
  3. 3. The Company bears no responsibility for any content posted by Users (comments, photos, video, audio, music, etc.).
  4. 4. The Company bears no responsibility even in the case of trouble or a dispute related to Official Accounts between Users or between Users and third parties arising.
    In addition, in all cases, the Company is not liable for any damages, losses, negative impact, etc., stemming from the use of Official Accounts.
  5. 5. The Company is deemed to have consent to access public account and profile information, including the name and other profile information, profile photo, gender, network, user ID, and friend lists of Users.
  6. 6. The Company bears no responsibility even in the case of trouble or a dispute related to Official Accounts between Users or between Users and third parties arising.  Users who cause damage or harm to third parties related to their use of Official Accounts are responsible for paying any compensation for damages relating thereto themselves or for resolving disputes with third parties, and shall not inconvenience the Company.
  7. 7. Regarding information communicated by the Company and its employees and content posted by Users on Official Accounts, Users shall decide for themselves to use that information and content and take responsibility for doing so, and in the case that Users or third parties incur damage because of this, the Company bears no responsibility unless the damage is the result of an intentional act or the gross negligence of the Company.
  8. 8. The Company may delete information, content, and other items that Users post on Official Account Pages, block access and posts to Official Accounts, and take other necessary steps without any prior notification .
  9. 9. The Company may terminate, interrupt, or suspend the operation of Official Accounts without prior notification. The Company bears no responsibility for any damage due to changes or additions to the content of Official Accounts or the termination, interruption, or suspension of service.
  10. 10. The Company does not guarantee replies to the posts of Users.
  11. 11. Management of social media other than that of the Company that has links from or to Official Account Pages is the responsibility of the operator of that social media, and the Company in no way guarantees the content of that social media. When using social media other than that of the Company, customers must also agree to the terms of use of that social media.

【Prohibitions on use】

When using the Company’s Official Account Pages, Users are prohibited from engaging in the following acts (including posting URL links to sites that include these acts or expressions). “When using the Company’s Official Account Pages” refers to posting on the Company’s Official Accounts and posting comments on and sharing items via the Company’s Official Accounts or directly messaging items.

  • (1) Impersonating third parties, including the Company
  • (2) Conducting political activities, electioneering activities, or religious activities
  • (3) Acts whose purpose is a criminal endeavor or that induce others to act in a criminal manner
  • (4) Aiding, suggesting, or encouraging child abuse, acts of violence, illegal acts, or similar acts
  • (5) Posting inappropriate content, such as child pornography, obscene expressions, etc.
  • (6) Inducing others to use dating sites, gambling sites, adult-content sites, etc.
  • (7) Inviting or encouraging others to engage in dating or commit sexual acts
  • (8) Acts that negatively impact the healthy development of young people
  • (9) Acts whose purpose is to meet strangers for dating purposes or criminal intentions 
  • (10) Providing information that makes it easy to identify oneself or others or to make contact, such as contact information
  • (11) Posting or sending malicious computer programs or similar content and/or hacking computers using a third party’s name and address
  • (12) Analyzing, reverse-compiling, reverse-assembling, or reverse-engineering Official Account Pages
  • (13) Gaining unauthorized access to Official Account Pages or the Company’s equipment
  • (14) Reproducing, selling, or publishing information obtained through Official Account Pages or using that information in a way that exceeds the scope of private use
  • (15) Acts that hinder or could hinder the operation of Official Accounts or have a detrimental impact on third parties, including the Company
  • (16) Acts that violate or could violate laws, ordinances, or public morals
  • (17) Infringing on the rights of the Company or third parties, including copyrights, trademark rights, rights of reputation, publicity rights, and image rights
  • (18) Spamming or making multiple or repetitive posts
  • (19) Posting items related to the privacy of third parties
  • (20) Slandering particular individuals, companies, properties, regions, nationalities, races, ethnic groups, religions, etc.
  • (21) Blocking other Users’ use of or access to the Company’s services or other services
  • (22) Creating the unfounded and mistaken impression that one has some sort of alliance or collaborative relationship with the Company or others or creating the unfounded and mistaken impression that the Company or others are aware of, guarantee, support, or recommend a website that is the link source
  • (23) Creating links that undermine the clarity of Official Account Pages through framing and other means
  • (24) Using any of the following types of expressions (including similar ones)
    • Posts that include discriminatory expressions
    • Posts that are ethically problematic
    • Posts that disclose private correspondence with the Company or third parties
    • Posts that include false or misleading statements
    • Posts that include unilateral or definitive negative expressions, such as “you should not buy,” “you should really stop,” “the worst,” and “the lowest”
    • Posts that identify, disclose, or leak personal information without the consent of the person concerned
    • Posts that result in an excessive burden on the servers of Official Accounts
    • Posts that do not conform to the spirit of the Official Accounts
    • Posts that violate the terms of use stipulated by the platforms that host Official Accounts
    • Posts that include commercial content whose goal is to advertise, publicize, find affiliates, or solicit purchases
    • Other posts that the Company thinks could undermine the order of Official Accounts
  • (25) Diverting information obtained through Official Account Pages for commercial purposes without permission

【Copyrights, etc.】

As for Official Accounts and communities, the copyrights (including moral rights, which also applies below), belong to Users who post the items. By posting items, however, the Company is deemed to have obtained consent from Users to the right of the Company to make nonexclusive use (processing, extracting, reproducing, making public, translating, etc.) of posted content to the whole world free of charge and also to agree not to exercise copyright or other intellectual property rights against the Company.

In  addition, Users may not use any information provided through Official Accounts in a manner that exceeds the scope not restricted by the Copyright Act and other applicable laws and ordinances, such as reproduction by individual Users for personal use permitted by the Copyrights Act, without the consent of the rightsholder. Use for commercial purposes is also prohibited. If problems arise between rightsholders or third parties because of a violation of the Terms, Users shall be responsible for resolving the issue and covering related costs.

【Personal information】

The Company properly manages the personal information of Users that it obtains in line with its personal information protection policy . The purpose of Official Account Pages is not to gather personal information. Even if registered as a user of Official Account Pages, the name, profile photo, gender, network, user ID, friend list, and other information of Users is not managed or collected.

【Forward-looking statements】

The information that the Company or its employees communicate through the Company’s Official Accounts contain forward-looking statements. Such statements are based on assumptions, judgment, forecasts, and opinions that take into consideration information that the Company and its employees possessed at the time the information was communicated. Actual results may differ materially from those statements for any of various reasons, such as uncertainty inherent in the judgment or assumption and subsequent changes in internal or external conditions. In addition, that information is not communicated to recommend a particular investment, such as stocks, to Users, and we request that Users do not base investment decisions solely on that information.

【Compensation for damages】

If the Company incurs damages because Users violate the Terms, the Company may demand compensation for damages from Users, and Users shall promptly pay that compensation.

Terms of Use

【Changes to the Terms】

The Company may change the Terms without the consent of Users by announcing the changes on Official Account Pages or notifying them using a method that the Company judges appropriate. In such case, the revised Terms shall come into effect when posted on the page. When using Official Accounts, please read the latest Terms posted on the page.

【Applicable law and court jurisdiction】

Japanese law is the applicable law for the Terms. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance with respect to all disputes between Users and the Company.

January 1, 2022

MN Inter-Fashion Ltd.


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