Social media policy

MN Inter-Fashion Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) considers social media a powerful means for strengthening its relationship with all those related to the Company and wishes to properly use them.
To that end, the Company formulated its Social Media Policy as guidelines for the use of social media by officers and employees of the Company and the employees of outsourcing service providers.

【Background and purpose for introducing the Social Media Policy】

In recent years, use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, has become popular, and these services now play a major role in corporate activities. At the same time, there have been numerous cases when inappropriate comments and behavior and careless posts on social media have resulted in major problems.

The Company considers social media a powerful means for strengthening its relationship with all those related to the Company and wishes to properly use them. The Company formulated its Social Media Policy for the use of social media by officers and employees of the Company and the employees of outsourcing service providers as guidelines to achieve this objective.

【Definition of social media】

Social media refers to not only social networking services, such as Twitter and Facebook, but also blogs, online bulletin boards, video sharing sites, and other participation-type media.

【Scope of application】

The Company’s Social Media Policy applies to all parties involved in the Company’s operations, including officers and employees of the Company and officers and employees of outsourcing service providers. Parties whom this policy applies to must read and act in line with the Social Media Policy when using social media and posting information about the Company.

【Purpose for using social media】

By broadly communicating its business activities and contributing to affluent lifestyles, the Company aims to become indispensable to society.

【Social Media Use Guidelines】

  1. 1.If communicating information using an account that clearly indicates affiliation with the Company, you must be conscious of the fact that you are a representative of the Company and bear corresponding responsibilities. Even when using it for personal purposes, you should be aware that information you post may impact the Company.
  2. 2.You must protect confidentiality and not disclose confidential information or other information meant for internal use only. You must not disclose information on customers or business partners without the permission of the customer or business partner. You must refrain from communicating personal information and other private information.
  3. 3.When communicating information using social media, you must keep in mind the various relevant laws and ordinances, including those related to copyrights, image rights, and trademark rights.
  4. 4.You must not make posts that infringe on the rights of the Company and parties related to the Company, that contain content that causes problems for others, or that disparages colleagues and other parties, including other companies. You must not communicate information that could threaten the safety of the Company’s officers and employees.
  5. 5.You must be careful that any information you communicate is accurately stated. In addition, you must take care so that the content does not invite misunderstanding. You should be aware that once information is posted on the internet, it is impossible to completely delete that information.
  6. 6.You must be aware that the information you provide will be used to evaluate the Company and must respond to messages from others in a tolerant and empathetic manner. If you unintentionally hurt someone and create misunderstanding, you must be aware that you are responsible and respond in a sincere manner. If you find negative or slanderous posts regarding the Company, you must not reply or argue the points at your own discretion, and instead be sure to report it to the responsible department.
  7. 7.You must not communicate the following types of information: (1) information that includes disrespectful wording; (2) information that discriminates against races, thoughts, beliefs, etc., or promotes discrimination; (3) illegal acts or information that incites illegal acts; (4) rumors or information that helps rumors spread; (5) links to webpages that include obscene content; and (6) any other information that violates public morals.
  8. 8.You should make sure to leave a log when posting on official accounts because online communication is immediate and the information is likely to remain forever.

【For social media users】

Please understand that information such as content and comments on the Company’s official social media account pages does not represent the official opinion of the Company.

Please refrain from the following behavior related to our account. If users conduct any of the following acts, corresponding measures may be implemented.

  • Identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the person concerned
  • Undermining the honor or trust of and/or slandering the Company and/or a third party
  • Infringing on the copyrights, image rights, or intellectual property rights of the Company and/or a third party
  • Violating laws, ordinances, or public morals
  • Other acts that the Company judges to be inappropriate for rational reasons

Note: This Social Media Policy may be changed without notification.


Inquiries will be answered by the person in charge of each department.