Textile Total Solution

Integrated Total Solution


Fashion Clothing (Men’s, Women’s)


We are promoting ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), a process whereby we actively make proposals from the product planning stage onwards by further strengthening the knowhow cultivated through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) process for apparel manufacturers. We are working to reflect a good balance between price and value in the product planning.

Functional Clothing (Sportswear, Work Uniforms, School Uniforms, etc.)


We mainly propose functional materials and supply a variety of functional clothing. While developing low-cost operations by appointing factories in China and Southeast Asia, we are steadily working to maintain and improve quality and also to manage delivery dates.

Home Fashion Products (Bedding Products, Interior Products, etc.), Fashion Goods, Inner Clothing, etc.


For a product group that enables you to coordinate what you use in your house with fashion and enrich your lifestyle, we produce and supply bedding products, interior products, household goods, inner clothing, home clothing, etc.


AEO approval for importers and exporters is a qualification granted by the Director of Customs to companies that have established security management and compliance systems. The designation means that the government of Japan has certified the company concerned as having excellent compliance systems. Only a small number of textile-related companies in Japan have been approved under this system. An ordinary importer cannot collect goods until all documents required for each import declaration have been submitted and an import permit has been granted following the confirmation of the clearance value and payment of duties. An AEO-approved importer is allowed to separate the declaration of the import transaction from the duty declaration, allowing urgent goods to be collected quickly and reliably by simply declaring the import transaction. Because Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion’ s compliance management systems have been approved as trustworthy, we can proceed with import clearance procedures on condition that other documentation, such as information about value declaration and duty reductions, as required under Article 8 of the Act on Temporary Measures Concerning Customs, will be submitted afterwards without delay. We are permitted to provide the documents required for value declarations and other importation-related matters, by the end of the following month, after receiving the imported goods. After delivering export goods to a bonded area, an ordinary exporter is required to obtain export approval after a certain percentage of the goods have been checked and inspected. An AEO-approved exporter is in principle exempted from these inspections and can obtain export approval even before the goods are delivered to a bonded area. This means that goods can be loaded quickly and efficiently. By using these systems, Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion is able to provide its customers with services that are superior to those offered by competitors.


Inquiries will be answered by the person in charge of each department.